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How the IBI is calculated: Tax on Real Estate

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The IBI is, like all taxes, an unpleasant economic outlay. Not even your other denomination, “the contribution”, helps to make this rate more friendly. Their annual rises, often unexpected, or misinformation about the amount to be paid, are some of the reasons that lead many citizens to fear this tax. In this article we tell […]

What is the lack of a mortgage

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If you are thinking about applying for a mortgage loan, the different possibilities you have and one of the options you can choose to make this mortgage more flexible will have already reached your ears. In the case of some mortgage loans offered by banks there are alternatives such as lack. And what is the […]

Installment Loan Calculator as an Ideal Financial

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The installment loan calculator is a practical tool that allows anyone to quickly calculate how cheap a installment loan is and how much credit they can afford at a desired term and monthly installment. He is also a tool to better understand his own finances. How to find the right installment loan: Personal inventory in […]

Short-term Car Financing: Car Loan Finance

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Get instant cash for the first deposit On request, we transfer the money to your account within 60 minutes. Free, free & non-binding loan approval check Learn in a few seconds whether you get a loan or not. No effect on her Bank Your loan request does not affect your Bank score! With a car […]

What is a target and non-target loan?

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The bank issues loans for various purposes. With the help of credit, you can buy any product in the form of a phone or household appliances, a car, an apartment, make repairs and much more. As a rule, such agreements can be formalized directly at the point of sale, where there are representatives of a […]

Employer loans or a discreet short-term loan?

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If the money does not reach the end of the month, the belt must be tightened. Ongoing costs such as rent, electricity and insurance want to be paid. The consumer also incurs costs for the trip to work. Sometimes unforeseen events drive up expenses, leaving room for restrictions elsewhere. If the washing machine suddenly gives […]